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so this morning i had this great idea of getting my old computer to work after three years of collecting dust in the corner and it took ages but its alive and wow i found so many things its like opening a time capsule im crying

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Paul Bennett, Rain (2011)

Paul’s work is internationally praised for being awesome! This UK based artist makes these open ended, beautiful abstract paintings. They can literally be anything you want them to be (interpretation). I just chose the blue paintings because it’s my favorite color, albeit not the most powerful piece of his work…ok I lied, but it’s just ridiculous how he just does this with his brush while I still struggle to paint my work. Be sure to check out more of his work at his site.

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Uhhhh guys? (x) Is Grace shooting with Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory?

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Grace Helbig at SXSW (7/3/2014)

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